Rules and Etiquette to Master when Playing Online Roulette

The rules surrounding roulette are significantly easy. Even newbies will not have a hard time understanding it due to how straightforward it is. Still, despite its simplicity, it matters that you are well-versed in the rules surrounding the game. You wouldn’t want to start playing the game blind of what the rules are.

Traditionally, people play the game in offline casinos. Today, with the introduction and popularity of online casinos, the game has been made available virtually and people from all walks of life can now enjoy the game without being bound by a land-based casino’s operating rules and regulations, dress codes, operating hours, and even waiting times.

The fact that roulette has now become even more accessible has only increased its overall popularity. If you’re new to the game, you’ll find that there are certain etiquettes and rules that you would be well to observe when you play. This is especially true when you are betting with real money involved. Here are some of the roulette rules you‘d want to be more familiar with.

Basic Roulette Rules To Remember

  • When you play roulette whether online or offline, you’re not competing with other players. This is even though it is common for roulette games to hold a total of 8 players. Roulette players never play against each other but the dealer instead.
  • Every player will need to buy chips. When they receive them, they are generally of a different color to that of other players to make it easier to differentiate which chips belong to whom during the game.
  • If a spin leaves you the winner, you can then choose to have your color chips cashed in exchange for a cash chip that will have a certain value.
  • Roulette also has the “en prison” concept. This means that if you choose to place your bet for even money and the roulette ball stops at zero, you have the choice to take the bet back or just leave it on the board for one more spin. Choosing the latter would mean putting your bet in prison or the jargon “en prison”.
  • There is also the “la partage” concept. Just like the “en prison” concept, this happens when you position a bet of even money outside and the roulette ball ends up on zero. In this rule, you will lose 50% of your bet. You will also not be given the option to leave it “en prison” nor will you be allowed to leave it out for a new spin. 

Roulette Etiquette To Observe

  • Your bet needs to be put before the croupier or spinner will make the “no more bets” call out.
  • Avoid touching, moving or even attempting to touch the chips after the croupier has announced that there are no more bets accepted.
  • You will also no longer be allowed to change your bet the moment the spinner has announced not accepting any more bets.